Unit 06 ~ Operations with Decimals (Chapters 12-14)*

Add & Subtract through Thousandths - Chapter 12

L1, L3 - Add & Subtract Decimals 

L2 - Estimate Sums & Differences of Decimals

L4 - Field Trip (use skills and strategies to solve word problems)

Multiply Decimals - Chapter 13

L1 - Multiply Decimals (with Area Model)


L2 - Multiply Whole Numbers & Decimals


 L3 - Estimate Products


L4 - Multiply Decimals


L5 - Zeros in the Product of Decimal Answers

Divide Decimals - Chapter 14

  • Recommended App for Ipad/Iphone/ITouch - Long Division Touch  (free but it has an in-app purchase I recommend $0.99) - best app ever for those needing extra support with long division!!!

L1 - Division with Decimals using Models 

L2, L3, L4 - Divide a Decimal by a Whole Number 

L5 - Divide a Decimal by a Decimal