• one word description: Conjunctions are connectors
  • Definition: Conjunctions connect words to words, phrases to phrases or clauses to clauses.

There are three types of conjunctions:

Coordinating Conjuctions

  • Description: Coordinating conjunctions are used to connect words, phrases and clauses of equal importance or equal rank.
  • Mnemonic Device for remembering the different coordinating conjunctions: 
FANBOYS = For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So
  • Examples:
    1. Mary and Johnny
    2. my eager mom or my faithful cat...
    3. I will use the bathroom before school but you should not keep pestering me about it. 

Subordinating Conjunctions

  • Description: They join two clauses in such a way that it makes one of the clauses become dependent on the other; They join dependent (or subordinating) clauses to independent clauses and independent clauses to dependent clauses.
  • Examples:
    1. Mary will jump into the ocean even if the water is freezing. (Independent + Dependent)
    2. After we brush our teeth, we were tucked into bed. (Dependent + Independent)

Correlative Conjunctions

  • Description: These conjunctions come in pairs (i.e.: Neither...or) and are used to connect two words, two phrases or two independent clauses. 
  • List of Correlative Conjunctions: neither...nor, either...or, both...and, not only...but also, whether...or, not...only, not...but
  • Examples:
    1. Either you will vote for me or you will not be my friend anymore.
    2. Lucinda is not only a great sister but also a great friend.

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