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Vocabulary Games and Activities

Typing Games

  • Typing Jets (play multi-player or against computer)**
  • Sky Chase (play multi-player or against computer)**
  • Alpha Attack - planes are dropping bombs on your city. You can destroy the bombs by typing the letter on the bomb before it hits a building.
  • Cup Stocking Typing Challenge - stack and unstack cups by typing the letters in each cup
  • Fowl Words 2 - type the words from the eggs laid out by the chickens, before they crack
  • Typing Monster - beat the monster by typing the magic spells
  • Typing of the Ghosts - destroy the monsters by typing the words in them
  • Typing Speed Test - find out how fast you can type per minute (and how many mistakes you make)
  • Typing Tidepool - type the words in red to make Milo’s dolphin swim faster