A Poem for Two Voices Project

What is a Poem for Two Voices? 

A poem in two voices is a dialogue between two entities (nouns) — people, places, things, or ideas — that presents two different points of view. This type of poem allows the writer and the audience to compare and contrast these two entities, enjoying their similarities and differences. 

This poem is meant to be performed by two people before an audience, and often may sound like a dialogue between them. The poetry usually has three columns—one for each of the two persons (left side & right side) reading the poem and the center line for what the two readers say together at the same time.

Resources for Gathering Info, Words & Phrases to Use in the Poem

  • THINKING MAP: The Circle Map is used for Brainstorming (gathering facts) or Defining in Context
  • THINKING MAP: The Double Bubble Map is used for Comparing and Contrasting (Similarities & Differences)
  • THINKING MAP: The Bubble Map is used for Describing (use adjectives or adjective phrases)

Examples of Poem for Two Voices