Celebrations, Holidays & Traditions Report Project

  • WHAT IS A RESEARCH REPORT? A research report is a report that is written to give in-depth information about a specific topic. Information should be obtained from many different sources so that you can provide the reader with the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • This "Celebrations, Holidays and Traditions Report" is the first research report students will do in my class. It is a pretty straight forward report, and most of the research resources are already provided. The focus is on writing effective paragraphs, in the student's own words, backed up by accurate and well-organized information.    

Celebration Mini Report Expectation & Resources 

EXPECTATIONS: For this Mini Report, you will need...
    • at least 3 sources of information (one must be a book)
    • notes taken in your own words
    • you may use occasional quotations but must cite the source in the bibliography  
    • a total of 7 or more paragraphs (two of the paragraphs are the introduction and the other the conclusion)
    • all the applicable "key questions" be fully covered (see below)

“Key Questions” Your Celebration Mini Report Needs to Cover

“Key Questions” Your Celebration Mini Report Needs to Cover (each should be at least one paragraph):
    • Origin of Celebration - What is the origin of this celebration? How did it begin? Was there a key historical event (s) that this holiday centers around? How did it eventually start getting celebrated by people?
    • Type of Celebration - Is it a religious celebration? A secular one? Both? Who observes or participates in this celebration? What does this celebration mean to its followers?
    • Date & Length of Celebration - When does this celebration take place? Is it always on the same date? How long does this celebration last? Why?
    • Change over Time of Celebration - How has this celebration changed over time? Who or what has helped this holiday become more popular? How did it become a national holiday or celebration?
    • Present Traditions of Celebration - How is it celebrated today? Is it celebrated in different ways around the world? What are the important symbols associated with this celebration? What are the important traditions associated with this celebration? Are there special foods eaten on during celebration?

Wikipedia Articles on Chosen Celebrations (for Mr. Rojas' class) - 1st research source

Holidays, Traditions & Celebrations (includes video clips) - 2nd research source

General Online Research Resources