12 Guiding Questions To Consider About Your World Changer

World Changer 12 Guiding Questions

1) What was the mission, goal, dream, and/or need for change that this world changer fought for?

2) What factors shaped this world changer? (i.e.: life experiences, ideas, and/or personal spiritual beliefs – if any) What personal characteristics or traits may have influenced your subject’s beliefs? What seems to have most influenced your subject’s actions?  How might the life conditions over which this person grew under, influenced their life direction and mission?

3) What rejection, failure, and/or obstacles did this world changer encounter along the way? (external pressure - from outside of the person)

4) What personal weaknesses, personal struggles, and/or personal failures did this world changer encounter along the way? Did your subject make any big mistakes or unfortunate personal or professional choices (internal or from within the person)? Make sure you tell the truth based on your findings. Don’t hide the failures and weaknesses because you like him or her. Be honest! 

5) What risks did he/she take along the way? (before anything happened) 

6) What was the cost on himself/herself, his/her family, and/or his/her followers for doing what he/she chose to do? 

7) How did cooperation contribute to his/her ability to bring change? 

8) What new and creative ways or ideas did this world changer use to bring about change? 

9) What did this world changer contribute to the world? How was the world changed for the better? Why is this person famous? What did/does this person do to become famous? How has this person made a positive impact on others’ lives? 

10) Why did you choose this world changer? (make sure you convince your audience that this person is worthy of the “World Changer” title)

11) What characteristics and qualities did you find most admirable in this world changer? 

12) Was the mission, goal, or dream of this world changer ever reached in his/her lifetime? If not → How much later after his/her death was it reached? If not → What still needs to be accomplished or changed for this dream to be realized?