Disney Ride Project (PBL)

Disney Ride Project Guidelines & Expectations

Project Overview: Your collaborative team's job is to design a new ride for Disneyland or Disney World inspired by one of Disney's movies (and which is presently not a ride in Disneyland or Disney World). The ride will include a story line that connects with the original movie and its characters but with a different twist. The ride and or ride car must have some kind of interaction in which the guests get to interact with the ride. Your overall project must clearly depict all the elements involved in designing as "Disney Ride" (see below for guidelines and expectations). a final presentation will be made in front of the class to outside experts, from which they will grade the project and how well you met the expectations given. 

Walt Disney Imagineering Competition: 

PBL Driving Question: How does a team of collaborators work together to design a ride for a theme park that is engaging, interactive and entertaining for the masses?

PDF: Disney Ride Expectations & Rubric (including for the presentation itself)

Make Sure Your Disney Ride & Presentation Meet the Following Expectations:
  1. Title (the name of your ride) - Your ride must be based on a Disney movie. Feel free to include an image that connects your ride to the actual Disney movie.
  2. Introduction to the Ride - Give a descriptive overview of your ride to introduce the audience to your amazing ride. Make sure to give the "age interest", "height limitations" (i.e.: you must be 48" tall in order to ride this ride), and other considerations that your guests must be aware of when it comes to your specific ride (see Disneyland's own descriptions for their rides to help you with this).
  3. The Ride (3D or 2D)  Create a visual display that showcases what the overall ride looks like. Show how your ride works by having either a ride model (3D) and/or a very descriptive drawing (2D) that details the ride from beginning to end. Pictures of these should be included in the ride. 
  4. The Ride Car Model (3D or 2D) - Create a visual display that showcases your ride car. Make sure to include pictures of your ride car, from different angles in your presentation. You can also showcase your actual ride car model to your audience if you have a 3D model of it.
  5. Environment - Describe the details and overall feel of the your Disney ride's environment. What are the sights, sounds, climate, and special effects in your ride?
  6. Interaction - Describe the type of interaction you have built into your ride to make it special and unique, by writing a 1+ descriptive paragraph. How do the riders interact with the ride?
  7. Uniqueness - Describe exactly what makes your Disney ride unique and special, by writing a 1+ descriptive paragraph.
  8. The Ride Story - Write a descriptive story sharing an experience someone had with your actual Disney ride. The story, just like any other story, must have a conflict/problem that's related to the ride itself (i.e.: "Hi, I'm Buzz Light Year and I need your help in order to save our galaxy from evil Zerg. He has been destroying...") and a resolution of some kind. Know that your ride can have more than one resolution if there are multiple endings to the ride. Make sure to read your creative ride story during your presentation so that your audience will get a sense of the story line that goes along with your ride. What creative story line will visitors encounter along this ride? (there's no need for a story map or rough draft in the final presentation, just the perfected story)
  9. Disney Ride Design Team Picture & Team Member Names (first names only)

(optional) Other Possible Enhancements for your Presentation:

  • Use a Prezi or Google's Presentation to help your audience visualize the overall quality of your ride. 
  • a background soundtrack related to your Disney movie
  • a recording of the story (or of the whole presentation), read in a clear, dramatic style
  • more images capturing the uniqueness of your ride

Examples of Student Work on this Project from Other Years: