MY Student Website (PBL)

Your job is to make a student website (using Google Sites, the same system Mr. Rojas uses for his classroom website) that showcases all the work you have done this school year. Because we have worked on Google Docs and Google Presentations, among other things, you already have a body of work available to you to showcase on this your website. 

Students will learn to...

  • make a website (make webpages and populate them with specific work) 
  • make appropriate choices for the organization of the website - create new webpages, organizrd them under categories and subcategories, etc.
  • post their documents, presentations, etc
  • use HTML at a basic level

Wepages that you will need to have...

  • Home
  • About Me
  • My Presentations
  • My Writings
  • My Websites - links to websites you use at school
  • My Projects - stop motion animation videos, etc..

Other webpages that you might want to have...

  • My Scratch Projects
  • My Souncloud Tunes
  • My Photos - you can include pictures of you posted on Mr. Rojas's Flickr account, using html code 
  • My Art - post your art work by taking a picture of your art and posting it on the site
  • My Videos (only personal videos or videos that our class made will be allowed) - see Mr. Rojas for help with this