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Analyzing My School Year's Reading (a Graphing PBL)

Overview and Expectations for this Project

This reading project takes your Accelerated Reader reading progress for the school year and allows you to graph your progress with various graphs to visually display your reading progress and how it compares to the class. You also get to analyze all that AR data to answer the driving question below. Finally, you get to personally decide whether you are a good reader or not.   

  • PBL Driving Question: "What makes a good reader?"

Graphing Resource 

  • INTERACTIVE: Create Your Own Graph - Here you will find five different graphs and charts for you to consider.

Accelerated Reader Data (AR)

Essential Project Questions

  • What data related to your reading does AR give you access to?
  • What are the important signs of a good reader? Which of these are provided by AR?
  • Which type of graph(s) will I use to display my progress and show what type of reader I am? A Circle Graph, a Line Graph, a Bar Graph, etc?
  • Should I compare my reading to someone else in the class, a group of students, or to the whole class?

Sample Student-Made Graphs