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3D Cell Project

3D Cell Project Created by Past Students Slideshow

3D Cell Project Grading Expectations

The “A grade" cell model project will be two believable cells, in which students are expected to:
  • label each cell organelle correctly - is the label pointing to the right organelle?
  • describe each label of each cell organelle in your own words with accuracy - what does that organelle do? (full only credit for complete answers only)
  • design the overall display with showmanship and creativity - how well did you display your two cells? 
  • use varied colors & a variety of mixed media (different kinds of material to make each cell model) - how much variety is there in your cells?
  • with originality - how unique is your project?

Madeline K.'s Cell Project 2011 ‎‎(stop-motion animation)‎‎

Fun Activities to Make 3D Cells (as a sample and practice)

Cells & Their Organelles Learning Support