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Excretory System Display Project

Excretory System Project & Resources

  • Excretory System Display Project Expectations Handout** (pdf) -  make sure to follow all expectations given to get best grade possible!
  • Excretory System Instruction** - from Mr. Rojas' Website
  • Potential ways you can display your Excretory Display Project:
    • Poster
    • Tri-Fold Display
    • Mobile Display
    • Homemade Video
    • PowerPoint Presentation (or Keynote) - newly added display option!
    • Prezi Online Presentation
    • Glogster Multimedia Poster (you must have parental approval/support for this as it demands computer skills)
    • Scratch Flash Interactive (you must have experience with Scratch and secure parental approval/support for this as it demands high computer skills) 

Thinking Maps

PowerPoint Resources

Glogster Resources (design your own multimedia interactive poster)

Scratch Resources (design your own flash-based interactive)

  • Two Excretory System Display Scratch Projects from my Students:

Online Resources for Editing Pictures, Sounds, etc to Enhance Your Scratch Project