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Science Fair Project

Science Project Guidelines, Rubric & Key Websites

Science Fair Project Expectations

  1. A Visual Display - Your display needs to have some of these on it: pictures, charts, and/or graphs to help people see what you are describing. You may also want to bring in some of the following equipment to be displayed along with your display: equipment used and/or a model of the design used to carry out your experiment test. 
  2. An Observational Experiment Report - use the above handout and follow the guidelines and expectations in order to get your best grade.


Science Fair Display Board Help

Interactive Sites for Creating Graphs for Your Science Project

Science Fair Project Topic Ideas

Observational Experiment Report Samples

  • BirdsTESTABLE QUESTION: What is the best kind of food and feeder to attract the most birds?    
  • Stain Removal - TESTABLE QUESTION: Which is the best cleaning agent for removing stains?    
  • Keep It CoolTESTABLE QUESTION: Which is the best insulator for keeping ice cold?    

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