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VIDEO: Solar System Song

YouTube Video

The Solar System Song
1) I am the sun. I'm a burning ball of fire. 
I'm very big indeed.
Life on earth depends on me. I am the sun.

2) I am Mercury. I'm the closest planet to the sun.
I'm a ball of iron. 
I have no moons. I am Mercury.

3) I am Venus. I'm the same size as the Earth
but I spin the other way and much more slowly.
I have no water. I am Venus.

4) I am the Earth the place. The where we all live. 
There is land and lots of sea so I look blue.
I have a moon. I am the Earth.

5) I am Mars. I'm a rocky, red planet. 
My mountains are the highest in our solar system.
I have 2 moons. I am Mars.

6) I am Jupiter. I'm a gas giant. 
I'm the biggest and I spin the fastest. 
I have the biggest moon. I am Jupiter.

7) I am Saturn. I'm a gas giant. 
My rings are made of ice. 
Titan is my biggest moon. I am Saturn.

8) I am Uranus. I'm an icy gas giant. 
I'm the coldest planet in our solar system. 
And I have rings made of dust. I am Uranus.

9) I am Neptune. I'm an icy gas giant. 
I'm the farthest planet from the sun. 
I have many storms. I am Neptune.

We are the solar system. 
We are the solar system.