02 - Age of Exploration

Exploration of North America

The Vikings

  • VIDEO: Leif Eriksson vs. Christopher Columbus (2:25) History Channel - Did a Viking explorer travel from Greenland to modern day Canada in the 11th century, beating Christopher Columbus by nearly 400 years?
  • VIDEO: Who Were the Vikings (2:35) History Channel - 1200 years ago the Vikings exploded out of the cold North Sea like beasts unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, but who were they really?
  • VIDEO: Life as a Vikings? (2:35) - History Channel
  • VIDEO: The Vikings Raid England (3:28) History Channel

Christopher Columbus

  • VIDEO: Christopher Columbus Sets Sail (2:03) - In his four journeys between 1492 & 1504, the Italian explorer doesnt produce much profit, but does open up the path to a new world.
  • VIDEO: Columbus Uses the Skies to Survive (3:25) - This History Channel video takes a look at how Christopher Columbus used celestial navigation to save his ship from being destroyed by a hurricane. He also uses a lunar eclipse to terrify the Indians.
  • VIDEO: Columbus's Ships are Marvels of Engineering (1:23) - This History Channel video about Christopher Columbus takes a closer look at voyages he made before he was famous. He used his boat, Santa Maria, for his first voyage. The Nina was his favorite because of its speed and modern design.
  • VIDEO: Christopher Columbus - Bon Voyage (2:44) - This History Channel video gives an amusing overview of Christopher Columbus's burial. His body was buried originally in Spain and moved so many times that now they are not sure where his body is.
  • VIDEO: Christopher Colmbus's Book of Privileges - Prior to his fourth and final voyage to America, Columbus gathered several judges and notaries in his home in Seville to have them authorize copies of his archival collection of original documents through which had granted titles, revenues, powers and privileges to Columbus and his descendants.

The Northwest Passage