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Educational Apps for the iPad/iPhone/iTouch

Math Apps

Master your Basic Facts with speed and accuracy (lots of free apps as well)

    1. Math Fact Master (free)
    2. Time Tables ($0.99) - There are many apps to help students with their times tables. These are great because they provide feedback when the student makes a mistake and keeps a record of performance so you can see improvement.
    3. Penguin Jump Maths (free)
    4. Yodel Math ($2.99)

Multiplication (2-digit)

Long Division

    1. Long Division Touch (free but $0.99 in-app purchase gives you unlimited problems)
    2. Division!! (free)
    3. Division for Kids (free but $1.99 unlocks all levels)
    4. Long Division (free)


    1. Fraction Drills ($0.99)
    2. Fraction Basics (free) - instructional videos on various fractions content

Math Videos on Various Topics

Language Arts Apps

  • Spelling City - practice your spelling words from Mr. Rojas's class, all year long. The spelling lists from our class are found under the teacher name: Raimer Rojas
  • Rhyme ($0.99) - there are a few rhyming dictionaries online and as apps. These are great for poetry writing and songwriting. 
  • Chicktionary ($1.99)  - forming words from letters... There are plenty of other word games that are fun and educational.
  • Accelerated Reader (free) 
  • Prezi for Ipad (free) - create and present beautiful presentations 

Social Studies Apps

Science Apps

Visual Arts Apps

Music Apps

  • Futulele ($2.99) - Program chords to a song (I can provide these) and play along with this virtual Ukelele. 
  • OMGuitar (2.99) - Program chords to a song (I can provide these) and play along with this virtual Guitar.

Apps for Creative Projects

  • Stop-Motion Animation - The App Store has numerous stop-motion apps to choose from, for the iPhone, iPod Touch (4th Generation) and iPad 2-newest Ipad. Some are free, some are a $1 or more. Recommended below:
    1. O Snap! Time Lapse & Stopmotion ($)
    2. Stopmotion Studio (free with limitations but $3.99 in-app purchase gives you full acess)  

Other Apps

  • Brain Pop - this app features a different brain pop video per day. If you also have a subscription to Brain Pop, then you will be given access to all their videos.
  • Dropbox - provides the ability to upload files of any kind and then have access to them from any computer. Great way to bring a video file (or document) to school without needing a USB drive