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Scratch: Kid-Friendly Programming

Getting Started with Scratch

  • PROJECT: Hour of Code -  December 2015
  • PDF TUTORIAL: Getting Started Using Scratch - great resource to start learning to use Scratch
  • PDF TUTORIALS: Scratch Cards Printable Scratch cards provide a quick way to learn new Scratch code. Open Scratch card in one tab and open Scratch on the other. Carry out the task in the card to get familiar with various operations in Scratch. 
  • VIDEO: Scratch 2.0 - Check out what's new with this updated version of Scratch
  • VIDEO: Scratch Introduction Overview

Simple Animation/Games You Can Learn How to Make

Original Scratch Projects from our Class

Cool Scratch Projects

Advanced Programming Techniques to Enhance Your Scratch Project



Sound Effects for Your Scratch Projects

Online Resources for Editing Pictures, Sounds, etc to Enhance Your Scratch Project

  • SVG-Editor (free SVG editor online) - allows you to create vector graphics that will not loose quality when you enlarge them. This is best for creating Sprites. 
  • Pixrl (Photo Editor Online) - you can edit images/pictures (JPG, PNG, etc.) in many ways, then you can use these for your backgrounds and sprites, in Scratch.
  • Open Clip Art Collection - free for your use and includes PNG and SVG image files
  • Online Audio Converter - you can convert sound files (WMA, WAV, etc.) to mp3