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Stop-Motion Animation

How to Make Stop-Motion Animation

Though most of these tutorials are made for LEGO bricks, you can use anything you want to animate (clay, paper, etc.)  

Green Screen

Examples of Stop-Motion Animation

By Students

  • by Josiah R.** - Pirate Olympics through the Ages, Poor Man's Olympics, Lego Man Fight,  Car Racing Stop Motion  &  Paper Man Adventures
  • by Quinn B. - A Grievous Moment: Star Wars Stop Motion Animation 

on YouTube


Programs to Make Stop-Motion Animation

Smoovie - Stop Motion Animation App for Macs and Ipads. Take a video tour of Smovie. Excellent app and very user-friendly. It costs about $39.99. 

The App Store - has numerous stop-motion apps to choose from, for the iPhone, iPod Touch (4th Generation) and iPad 2. Some are free, some are a $1 or more. 
  • advantage: it's all integrated in the application, which means you won't have to transfer to a different application/program to complete the process. By far, the easiest to use!
  • advantage: it's the most portable setup. 
  • needed: You will need some kind of tripod or holder for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
  • disadvantages: it all depends on the application you get.
  • suggestion: read the reviews to get an idea about what's good and what's a problem or limitation, with each application. 
  • stop motion apps recommendations: