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Ally's Songwriting

This summer, in my visit with family in New York, I got to help Ally, my 9 1/2 year old niece, write a song. She already keeps a journal of song lyrics she and her friend have written over the last year. Naturally, I was impressed as this practice is just not common among this age group and was able to show her some next steps to making a song.  Hope you enjoy Ally's song.

click to listen to this song: We're Cats 

see lyrics & chords: We're Cats

We're Cats by Ally Wagner

1) We're cats, we're cats

All we do is lay around

We're cats, we're cats

Doing nothing makes us fat

We're cats, we're cats

2) We pounce, we hiss

Attack each other when we're bored

We scratch the couch

To sharpen our claws, be ready for attacks

We're cats, we're cats

(chorus) We're sleek, sly, sneaky and fast

Yet cute, fluffy, furry and cuddly

We like to hunt, play, bounce and attack

Sleep all day but energetic at night

No other creature on Earth

Is such a smooth operator

As us cats!

3) We purr, we cuddle

When we see you come, we jump on your lap

We snuggle a lot

We stretch out our claws to call you to us

We're cats, we're cats

4) We clean our mess

It's stinky and gross, so we bury all those

We cats have needs

But most of the time we keep to ourselves

We're cats, we're cats  (to chorus)