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SONG: Move It Around, Circulate (circulatory system)

by Raimer Rojas © 2007

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1) The circulatory system transports the needed materials
Of oxygen and nutrients to each of the body’s cells
And takes away carbon dioxide and other cell waste
So that a body may get rid of the things it does not need

2) There are three parts to this system moving materials around
Blood vessels serve as the channels, the heart as a pump
And the blood is what is sent out to carry things throughout
Through arteries, capillaries, and then back through the veins

(chorus) Move it around, circulate
This movement of blood throughout the body
Helps transport needed materials to the cells so they may thrive
And let a body function properly through all its life.

3) It’s the heart that pumps blood all around
As this muscle contracts and relaxes
But first the blood must follow a path 
through chambers in the heart
First, blood that comes back through the veins
Pumps through right atrium and ventricle
To the pulmonary arteries which take it away to the lungs

4) In the lungs carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen
Then this blood returns to the heart by the pulmonary veins
The left atrium and ventricle send it out to arteries
Which take this oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body.