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SONG: Cuts Hurt (a CA budget cuts 2008 song)

The song, "Cuts Hurt" was first performed at a May 31, 2008 PUSD budget cuts rally at Memorial Park in Pasadena, CA. 
Music and lyrics were written by Mr. Rojas 

Cuts Hurt (A CA Budget Cuts 2008 Song)
by: Mr. Rojas  © 2008
PDF of song (lyrics & Chords) 
Listen: Cuts Hurt (performance) 
Sing Along: Cuts Hurt (accompaniment)

1)  We find today that California’s in a crunch
Cuts must be made, we’ve used up money way too much
But politicians look towards schools to make the difference
It’s their hope no one will notice
If $4.8 billion are taken

Cuts hurt our schools, Cuts hurt our kids
Their future looks no good
Will we sit and let it be?  (2x)

2)  So you may wonder what these cuts could equal to
You could increase class size by 35 percent
Or simply lay-off 107,000 teachers
Why not just cut 800 dollars
For each and every student present?

3)  Mama, what happened to my art and music class?
Why must I sit in all these overcrowded rooms?
Is this what California thinks of my instruction?
While our governor declares this
“The Year of Education”