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SONG: Every Breath WE Take (plants)

New Lyrics by Raimer Rojas to the tune of "Evey Breath I Take" by The Police
An elementary student song of thanks and blame dedicated to plants

1) Every breath we take, Every move we make
During class or break, Every food intake
It’s because of you

2) Every single day, every word we say
Every game we play, If in detention we stay
It’s because of you

(chorus) Oh can you see, you give us energy
Oxygen for free, You are the food we eat!

3) Every low grade we make, Every rule we break
Every assignment we fake, And punishment we take
It’s because of you

If plants were gone we’d be lost without a trace
The sun would shine but the earth would be no breathing place
We’d have to leave this place and go into outer space
This could be the end of the human race
We keep on hoping you exist for eternity