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SONG: Fight for Your Right to Learn (the value of education)

by Raimer Rojas © 2007 
performed with his 5th grade students from McKinley, Room #234

(chorus) Fight for your right to learn
Fight for your right to learn
The high value of education
Must be given full protection
You gotta fight for your right to learn

1) Some students in this nation, 
feeling entitlement and indignation
Think their every need and want 
will be met with standing ovation
But this hallucination 
soon will meet its limitation
As there’s little contemplation 
to the value of education

2) You gotta have some motivation 
to this thing called education
It’s more than just regurgitation 
of someone else’s rumination
if you wanna learn to think 
as your brain cells make connection
You must exit hibernation 
and desire revelation!

3) In most every high-paid position 
there’s a clear expectation
You gotta have degree completion 
that will certify your vocation
But this one implication 
you must fear with trepidation
Without high school graduation 
you’ll earn little compensation!