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SONG: You Gotta Ingest and then Digest (digestive system)

By Mr. Rojas @ 2008

Intro: You gotta ingest and then digest (2x)

(chorus) For the body needs much energy to keep it operating
And the way you get that energy is from food
So just eat healthy meals
Your digestive system takes care of the rest…
when you digest

1) The path of food begins at the mouth
Where teeth chew and grind it
saliva moistens, softens, breaks it down even more
then the tongue pushes it back and into your throat

2) To your esophagus it goes
A tube connecting mouth and stomach
Wavelike contractions and mucus lining its walls
Causes the food to slide its way down the tube

3) In the stomach food is mixed and churned
By contractions and digestive juices
Turning it into a liquidy mixture
That scientists call chyme (to chorus)

4) The small intestine takes over
With added chemicals from the liver and pancreas
Muscle contractions mixes them with the chyme
Breaking it down even more

5) The product of this process is nutrients
Which will pass into the bloodstream
through the thin walls of the villi
and into capillaries

6) Undigested food then moves
into the large intestine
Where water’s absorbed back into the body
And the solid waste is eliminated (to chorus)

(Bridge) You may want every piece of food
To work its way to your cells
Yes, some’s digested, but some’s rejected as waste…
so eat healthier food! (to chorus)