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SONG: It's All Matter to Me (matter)

music & lyrics by Raimer Rojas

1)  Everything in the universe is made of matter
If it takes up space and has mass, then it is matter
Girl: Well, I take up space...  Boy: Then you've got matter (lots of matter!)
Girl: And a cow, a book, a pencil or cell?  Boy: It's all matter! 

(chorus)  It’s all matter to me,
No matter what it be
Let’s uncover its identity
And let the whole world see....
Some kind of matter, it’s all matter!

2)  Every type of matter has physical properties
That can be measured or observed using our senses
Color, smell and taste
Size, shape, texture and hardness
Weight, length and mass
Volume, density and solubility
Describe just what that matter is (to chorus)

3) Sometimes objects need a little bit of probing
 If you long to identify just what the heck that matter is
So you put it to the fire and see just what the flames will do
And you mix it with some substance, and wait for its reaction
Or a litmus test will tell you the strength of its acidity
These chemical changes will clue you into its nature (to chorus)