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SONG: Just Because You Cared (a thank you song to LKR funders)

(a thank you song to our Little Kids Rock sponsors for their gift of guitars & keyboards and training)

see guitar class performance video: Just Because You Cared Video
view & print lyrics & chords: Just Because You Cared PDF

1) We are standing here before you

to bring you a message from our hearts

We learned that you had thought of us 

When your loving gift arrived in a box

Now guitars and keyboards ring out, while we sing

Just because you cared


So we thank you, For giving us this gift

And paving our new way

We thank you, For granting us this chance

And believing in a better day!

2) Making music has empowered us

Given a voice to our inner thoughts

We didn’t know we could express myself

Bringing much joy into our lives

We can proudly stand with confidence

Just because you cared


One life touches another life

When selflessly you give

Well, we know we’ll never be the same

‘Cause its us that you have changed!

Why I Wrote this Song: 

I wrote this song so my students could sing it in their Spring concert. I deeply wanted to thank those who gave so that my own students could have the guitars and keyboards needed to learn how to play them. By having these instruments donated to the classroom it allowed me to let students check them out for the school year so that they could practice at home. 

Writing this song was an important step for me to take as having these instruments did not cost me, or my school, anything at all. I wanted my students to keep that in mind - that someone gave out of the goodness of their heart because they wanted young students to have the opportunity to grow as musicians and and as individual persons.