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SONG: Let's Make This Year the Best One (a commitment to learning song)

by Raimer Rojas © September 2008

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1) If we all work together
And treat each other in the best way
We will find this very classroom
A much better place to be
Respecting, caring, helping each other
Lifting our doubts to brighter thoughts
Will make this year one we’ll remember 
for years to come

(chorus) Staying on task faithfully
And giving our focus to learn
It all will come together
One day at a time
We cannot lose sight of our goal
We cannot only think of our needs
Let’s make this year the best one!

2) If we assume responsibility
For ev’ry area that we must change
And give our very best effort
For every assignment & challenge we face
And as we seek to use our strengths
And improve our weaknesses
We can celebrate the great gains we will make