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SONG: Our Country's Government (our type of government)

Our Country's Government Song
lyrics by Mr. Rojas, to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun” - Lyrics PDF

1) A “Democratic Republic” is the type of government
That the U.S. Constitution has set
It’s where people make the laws and run the government
Through representatives they’ve elected for themselves

2) The U.S. Constitution protects our basic rights
Like the right to earn a living as we choose
And includes the freedom of press, of religion, and of speech
These civil rights are for all citizens

3) Yet, our nation has done things it shouldn’t have ever done
Like slavery ’n’ removal of Indians from their land 
But the good news is this, we tend to correct these mistakes
Thanks to the form of government we’ve got

4) So remember this, dear children, we’ve got responsibilities
If we want these freedoms to endure
Things like voting, paying taxes, respecting the rights of others,
Obeying the law, taking part in government

5) I am thankful that I live in the United States
Where these freedoms are available to me
There’s not a king or dictator ruling as they wish
*The power belongs to the people, as I see

(repeat last line)
* In our “Democratic Republic” Government