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SONG: Respirate (respiratory system)

by Raimer Rojas © 2007 

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(chorus) Respirate, respirate,
that’s something that no one’s gonna debate
Oxygen must enter in, make its way to your body’s cells
So respirate, respirate, or your gonna suffocate
‘cause carbon dioxide, a cell waste
Must be released before it will accumulate in you!

1) Oxygen from the air enters through the nose and mouth
Goes down along the trachea, also called the windpipe
Then divides into two bronchial tubes
Which soon enter the pair of your lungs  (chorus)

2) Those bronchial tubes branch off
into smaller and smaller parts
Taking oxygen to tiny sacs called the alveoli
Where it is exchanged with carbon dioxide
in the blood of the capillaries  (chorus)

3) The oxygen-rich blood travels through pulmonary veins
Taking it back to the left chambers of the heart
Which pump it all throughout arteries that take it
Toward every cell in the body  (chorus)