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SONG: RIF = Rise in Faith (inspiration song during a budget cuts year)

by Raimer Rojas © 6/14/10
(song written as an inspiration song for teachers who 
received layoff notices, RIF, at PUSD in Spring 2010)

view & print words & chords: Rise in Faith PDF 

1) Hard times have a way of shaking one's foundation
Causing you to question all your dreams
All the sacrifices made and the choices you have stood for
Could all of it be now in the forgotten past?

Rise in faith, there will be a new day coming
And fresh light will shine the path you’re meant to see
Rest from fear, though these setbacks test your calling
Let the pieces fall where they were meant to be
then you will see...

2) How could you have predicted the bind you find yourself in
It looks as if there’s not a place for you
You gave, you poured, your fought so that others would be thriving
So why are you now left out in the cold?

"Ask and it will be given unto you 
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will be opened unto you"
In time you’ll find your way 

*Quote from the Bible, Mathew 7:7
** Note: "RIF" is a layoff notice (Reduction in Force). 
In this song I changed the meaning of RIF to "Rise in Faith".