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SONG: Symphony of the Planets (solar system & sun)

By: Raimer Rojas © 11/1/08
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(chorus) In the symphony of the planets
Each one spins and also orbits the sun
Some are closer, others farther in distance
Yet its gravity affects everyone (2x)
Forever bound in a celestial dance

1) Mercury lies closest to the sun
But surprisingly it’s not the warmest one
Next comes Venus, trapping heat with its greenhouse gases
Earning the title of hottest planet

2) Earth’s the third planet in proximity to the sun
It contains liquid water and supports complex life
Mars follows it, “Could it once have held life?”
Its claim is two moons and the largest volcano (to chorus)

3) Jupiter is the largest of all the planets
It is circled by faint rings and 60 plus moons
Saturn, is next, with its wide and bright rings
These gas giants follow the inner planets

4) Uranus follows them and then Neptune
They have a number of moons and very faint rings
Together these four form the outer planets
Which are mostly made of hydrogen and helium (to chorus)

(bridge) At the center of our solar system lies an average-size star
Giving light, warmth, and energy to everything within is reach
A fiery furnace rages within its core,
Under enormous pressure and extreme temperature
Fusing hydrogen atoms to produce helium
And releasing great energy as heat and light