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SONG: There Is A Cause That Grips My Heart (causes we care about)

PDF of words and chords: There Is a Cause That Grips My Heart
See pictures of our posters/march and read their poems
This song was inspired by poems and posters that highlighted a specific cause each of my students cared about.

There is a Cause that Grips My Heart
music by Mr. Rojas © 3/31/11

1) There is a cause that grips my heart 
And it calls on me to stand and do my part 
This wrong can’t go on indefinitely 
I must fight for its change undeterredly 

(chorus) There are many who are hurting, 
Who are voiceless and distressed 
People hungry for the peace, 
That you and I have long expressed 
All my life I’ve lived in affluence, 
My every need and want being met 
What’s keeping me from being a blessing, 
to those living in regret? (2nd time to bridge) 
(3rd time to 1st verse then ending) 

2) I can feel it rise, inside of me 
A new passion that is burning bright and free 
A desire to speak up, a restless heart 
There is a cause I care about, it’s time to start! (to chorus) 
(Bridge) Who knows what life may share 
Hard times might come knocking at your door 
Let’s hope that someone will care 
Reach out their hand to lift you off the floor... 
Lift you off the floor! (to chorus) 

(ending) ‘Cause there is a cause... that grips my heart (2x)