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SONG: The Water Cycle Runs Always (water cycle)

The Water Cycle Runs Always
Lyrics by Raimer Rojas, set to the tune of the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

1) In this planet, the great planet Earth
Water recycles itself.
This is the transferring of water
From the Earth’s surface
To the atmosphere and back.

(chorus 1) It’s properly called:
The Water Cycle, you see!
And it’s where water changes form
between solid, liquid, and gas.

2) The heating of water
By the blazing sun’s rays
Causes water to change
From liquid water
To water vapor (gas)
Rising up and towards the sky.

(chorus 2) We call this process:
Evaporation, you see!
And it affects the water found
In lakes, rivers,
Oceans, soils, and plants.

3) Clouds form when the water vapor
Comes together in the sky.
You see, the cold air up there
Forces water vapor
To morph into liquid drops.

(chorus 3) We call this process:
Condensation, you see!
And it’s where airborne vapors
Gather to form the mighty clouds.

4) Soon those liquid drops
in their cloud formation
Are too heavy to stay in the sky.
So gravity returns them
to the Earth’s surface
As either rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

(chorus 4) We call this process:
Precipitation, you see!
And it’s where water in the air
Falls down to Earth
In natural ways. (repeat verse 1 & Chorus 1)