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Room #222 Classroom Needs (Mr. Rojas)

Dear parents,
any purchases you make on behalf of our classroom, will benefit all of our students!!! - updated 8/17/15


Here is a list of needs we have in our classroom right now

  • 12 Headphones (not earbuds) - use with computers and tablets/smartphones in the classroom
  • Sports Equipment (balls, etc.) for Recess & P.E. - (big need!) soccer balls, basketballs, playground balls, etc.
  • Dry-Erase Markers (fine-point only, not the thick ones... for student use with whiteboards - black is greatest need but other colors such as red, blue and green are also welcome)
  • Permanent Markers - Sharpies Fine Point & Extra Fine (red, blue & black - for classroom/student use)
  • Band-Aids & First Aid Supplies - I already have a first aid container but it lacks supplies. Please help fill this need. Band-aids get used up a lot!
  • Copy Paper - (reams for classroom use and extra copying)
  • Graph Paper - (for classroom/student use - reams) 
  • 1-Gallon Ziploc Bags (3 boxes)
  • Quart Ziploc Bags (3 boxes)
  • Gift Card to Target - for classroom needs
  • Gift Card to Office Max - for classroom needs
  • Gift Card to Angels School Supply - for classroom needs
  • Hand Sanitizer - ongoing need
  • Kleenex Boxes - ongoing need 
  • Paper Towels Rolls - ongoing need
  • Desk Wipes - ongoing need
  • Refilling Water Bottles - weekly need - empty bottles will be kept outside my classroom #222 (I believe it only costs $1.25 per bottle at Vons or Pavilions) 
  • Colored Markers (for classroom/student use) - big need!!!
  • Colored Pencils (for classroom/student use) - big need!!! 
  • Glue Sticks (for classroom/student use) 
  • Used or New Books for Our 5th Grade Classroom Library
  • “Used” Fabric Softener Sheets (great for erasing dry-erase markings)

There are other needs you can help with if you have these special skills

  • Ongoing Water Supply in the Classroom - someone (or a group of parents) to continue to fill these water bottles regularly or to provide/organize water service to our classroom (although we need the water dispenser first!!!). The school water fountain is too far away from the classroom, wasting needed instructional time for students who leave the classroom while being too disruptive to dismiss students to get water.  
  • Photography - Take pictures of students first few days of school for classroom student work display area and for other upcoming needs and performances
  • In class help during projects (ongoing though on a needs basis) - let me know if you have some availability 
  • Display area outside of classroom (handyman) - fix up an area for art work or projects for display
  • Computers (technology) - various needs such as updating software, connections, etc...
  • Tutoring - occasional or ongoing help with tutoring in a subject you are strong in (i.e. math, writing, spelling, etc...) or with study skills (i.e.: science, etc...)
  • Filing/Labeling - lots of things to file and label on a regular basis
  • Dusting/Cleaning - because there so much traffic in a classroom all day and we have ongoing construction, there's always a need to dust, clean and sweep. School custodians do some of this cleaning but due to budget cuts we have fewer and fewer custodians every year. They are spread thin, meaning a reduction in what gets done in each classroom and how often. 

by Mr. Rojas
5th Grade Teacher
School Year: 2015-2016