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Student School Supply List for 2015-2016 (Mr. Rojas)

Dear parents,

I highly recommend that you purchase the following items for your child to use during the 2015-2016 academic year: 
(If you are not able to afford these, please let me know ASAP and we will work something out)

    1. Backpack – a must! 
    2. 3-Ring Binder - 2” or larger (one for general use) – a must! 
    3. 5 or more dividers 
    4. 2 Book Covers - for the math and language arts textbooks assigned (could be made out of paper, or the stretchable kind) – a must! 
    5. Pencils (a long–lasting supply. If mechanical, must have an endless supply of replacement lead) – a must! 
    6. Pens (only the colors of black and blue are allowed for school work and homework, and red is allowed for editing and revising writing) – a must! 
    7. Language Arts Notebook (a 5-subject spiral notebook of at least 180 pages) - a must! 
    8. 4+ Dry-Erase “Fine Point” Pens for student use (at least two 2 black, others could be of various colors – used for white boards) – a must! 
    9. 2 Pocket Folders (for homework & for handouts/flyers) – a must! 
    10. 2 Single Subject Spiral Notebooks & 1 Composition Book (for science, social studies, etc.) 
    11. Hand-held Pencil Sharpener (that contains the shavings) 
    12. College-Ruled Lined Paper (with three holes) 
    13. Erasers 
    14. 1 Protractor
    15. 1 Compass 
    16. Colored Pencils (1 set) 
    17. Calculator (basic kind) 
    18. Highlighters (4 colors – yellow, blue, red/pink, green) 
    19. Pencil box or zippered pouch (not too big)

  • Please make sure your child comes with pencils and pens to school. I don’t get enough pens and pencils for the unlimited use of 30+ students. Any pencils borrowed in class are to be returned by student before going home! 
  • I will have a few composition books to sell for $0.50, and spiral notebooks for $0.25. They will be sold on a first come basis. 

by Mr. Rojas
5th Grade Teacher
School Year: 2014-2015