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Amanda R.'s Poems

Inspired by “Buffalo Hunt”
by Amanda R.

Buffaloes used to roam our land
They would run with strength
They flew around so wildly
But now they are all gone

Before the day the white men came
My people were the strongest
But when they came
They made us weak
The weakest of the weak

They decided to be wasteful
They killed our source of life
Our determination fell at their arrival

We hang on for dear life
Our children taught the ways of the white
We have been forced to change our ways

Inspired by “The Coming of Long Knives”
by Amanda R.

The Long Knives feel
strong, proud, glad
Because they took
The Indians’ land

The Navaho Indians feel
Mad, depressed, confused
Because the Long Knives
Took their land

by Amanda R.

All the Navaho marching
Force to migrate
Their homes are burned
their trees cut down
Thier gardens killed
For no reason

All the Navaho marching
Feel the same
Depressed, sad
Upset, angry
Confused, puzzled
For a reason