Demon Squirrels (by Simone W. & Shakira C.) - April 29, 2011

This original composition is written & performed by Simone W. & Shakira C.
Open PDF of lyrics and chords: Demon Squirrels

Demon Squirrels
By Shakira C. and Simone W.

1)  You think they’re cute but you are wrong 
They look at you like they’ve done no wrong 
Angel squirrels

They’re demon demon demon demon demon squirrels 
Demon demon demon demon squirrels

2)  You give them food, they run away 
They turn on you, you run away
Angel squirrels  (back to chorus)
3)  Ripped up grass, rotten fruit 
You see that stare 
They’re comin’ for you 
Angel squirrels  (back to chorus)
Innocent they act 
You’re fooled by what they do 
But no-oo-o - 2x (back to chorus)
(ending) They’re demon squirrels, yeah 

(repeat, fading into the background)