Tornado (by Frankie R.) - April 29, 2011

This original composition by Frankie R., is performed by RJ G, Frankie R. (on the guitar), Javier A. & Christopher D.
Open PDF of lyrics and chords: Tornado


By Frankie R.

1)  The sky is murky green, and nobody is walking outside,
As you head to your basement, you hastily quicken your stride, 
Off in the distance, you see a gray funnel rise

(chorus)   it’s a tornado, it’s a tornado, 
it’s a tornado, it’s a tornado, it’s a tornado...

2)   Once you get there, you open the basement door,
As you settle in, you hear the tornado roar, 
You hide under a desk and silently pray for the best (to chorus)

You hear it rage on overhead, 
You feel the whole house shaking, 
It’s ripping down your own home’s walls, 
And razing the foundation... (to chorus)