11. Alena DV's Poem About Deforestation

by Alena DV

Deforestation is evil to the trees all around us.
If it would stop, then no one would make a fuss.
It’s not hard to explain, just wait and see
It’s when you cut down trees, so Mother Nature is in agony.

Trees give us oxygen, so why do we cut them down?
We need them to survive, or else we will drown,
In CO2, the only thing that will be left.
So why are these people so deaf,
About what we always have told them?
All this deforestation is causing some mayhem.

So help right now, and buy recycled paper.
There are more things too, so start soon and don’t wait till later.
Deforestation is evil, as you now know,
“STOP KILLING TREES!” That’s my new motto!!