01. Alora M.'s Poem About the Homeless

by: Alora M.

I don’t understand why people are hurtful and mean
They try to avoid me and not make a scene.
Is it really that hard to see my pain?
I’m sitting in the cold and flowing rain.

My bones feel weary and old
My stomach aches with pain
But all we have to eat
Already has mold.

No friends, no family, I’m all alone.
No place in this world that I can call home.
I just need a safe place to sleep,
I feel so sad I sometimes weep.

If people would just open their eyes and see
That I’m not a bad person who steals and cheats.
I’ve worked so hard all my life
But I lost all in the blink of an eye.

Please don’t let me sit here in the freezing cold
Stand up and say I am brave and bold
There is so much that we can all do
Change can start with just one or two.

We can work on contributions
But we really need to find solutions
If together we stand and lend a hand
There is so much we can accomplish across our great land.