09. Jhoana F.'s Poem About Global Warming

Stop Global Warming!

by Jhoana F.

Everybody knows that Global Warming is bad.

It melts all the ice caps, making polar life sad.

We need to stop polluting so the Earth won’t fry.

If we don’t do this thing, all the arctic animals could die.

Warmer temperatures cause oceans to heat up,

Making trout, salmon, and other animals, who need cold water to be alive,

Die in the future; that is the way they would end up.

Global Warming, there won’t be any creatures alive,

You dry up all the habitats animals need to survive.

You also cause droughts drying up the wetlands,

Eliminating breeding grounds from animals who need a helping hand.

To stop Global Warming, we need to do these things,

They are: stop polluting, save energy, and start recycling.

When we don’t do these things, it rises the temperature, which is bad.

When we do these things, Mother Earth would be glad!