10. Nathan's S. Poem about the Sun & Melanoma

I Care Poem
by Nathan S.

The sun
big red ball of fire
865 thousand miles in diameter
27 million degrees at the core
gives us heat and light
solar power, and more.

The skin
largest organ in the body
made up of billions of cells
your mind would really spin
with what your skin can do:
protects, deflects and detects, too.

Aunt Becky
lifeguard, runner, blue-eyed blond
died of melanoma
too much fun in the sun,
left two children, and a husband,
In November of ‘98.

fastest growing cancer in the world
every hour someone dies from melanoma
we all need to come together
to find the answer to cancer.

this all can be avoided:
no more loved-ones dying.
water shirts and sunscreen
hats and lots of shade
early detection is your best aid.
remember aunt Becky
and hide from the big red ball!