06. Sarah D.'s Poem the Killing of Dolphins

Save My Friends The Dolphins
By: Sarah D.

They’re coming and there’s nothing we can do.
They’re coming and they’re not after me or you,
Oh yes, they’re coming and they are scarier than you might think.
They’re coming to take my friends away, and it’s not out to play.

My friends are the dolphins and they are the men with hooks.
They want to take them away where no one can look.
They bang on their boats to bring them in as a friend,
But what they really want to do is help them meet their end.

Is there no one that can save my friends;
Is there no one that can save the Dolphins?
Yes there is, there is someone that can save the dolphins.
That someone is us; we can save the dolphins, so we can say we win.

Spread the word far and wide dolphins are being murdered,
And let everyone know that this crime must be stopped.
Because if it was your friend, would you want this to be the end?