04. Simone W.'s Poem About Hunger

"Hunger is a cause I deeply care about. America and Europe have a problem with sharing. They eat 2/3 of the world's food and only 1/3 is left for the rest of the five continents. I don't want to watch as the U.S. gets so fat we can die from it, while other nations get so skinny and die from diseases and starvation. This is wrong!" - Simone W.   

More Than Enough

By Simone Williams

You see the wide eyes, the longing and ache.
You see their weak bones, beginning to break.
Their belly is empty not much of it left.
Their body must eat, even if it means theft.
You see their fragile frame, shaking from starvation.
you see their whole family their poor formation.

You see our world much different from theirs,
Where we are all stuffed our minds don’t care.
We feed only ourselves, we eat all that we want.
Two-thirds of the world’s food, we eat, we taunt.
Our plates piled high with fats, sugars, and starch;
More than enough to stop a beating heart.

One plate would fill an entire family.
One plate could spare certain tragedy.
We must join together to stop malnutrition.
We must learn to share to end global starvation.
One cup of rice can make a huge difference.
A life can be saved with little expense.
The future can change if we go with less.