05. Alena DV's Heritage Poem

by Alena DV

My grandpa remembers -
Immigrating from Sweden so long ago
And smorgasbord every Christmas, when all the kids’ faces were aglow.

Grandma remembers -
Childhood in Minnesota, where snow always falls.
She has a background of Irish and Scottish - she has them all

Mom remembers -
Born and raised in Argentina, as an MK
Now and all grown up, my Mama works as a pastor all day.

My Granddaddy remembers -
He cooked in WWII, for the soldiers
His brother got a purple heart, what a warrior!

My Granmomma remembers -
Walking in marches with Dr. King
You could really hear her voice ring

My Daddy remembers -
Growing up in Alabama, in the black side of my family
Playing around as a kid, as fun as he could be.

I can see -
That I am all different colors,
That I just love my family culture.
And everyone in my family tree
Should love each other along with me!