07. Ann S.'s Heritage Poem

Who Are They?
Ann S.

I look around and I see I’m surrounded by “them”
Who are they?
Who are they you ask,
Who are they you may wonder,

Well they are the ones I love,
The ones who love me
And will always care for me.
The ones who are always there for me.

Who are they you ask
You still don’t know?
Well let me tell you who they are.

They are the ones who were there when I was born,
The ones who welcomed me home with open arms.
Who were there when I took my first steps.
The ones there to catch me when I fell,
and the ones there who wiped away all my tears.
The ones who will always be there for me
not always physically, but mentally and spiritually,
And most of all will always be in my heart.

Who are they you ask
They are MY FAMILY