08. Jakob W.'s Heritage Poem

My Life
by Jakob W.

A family is like wood, the trunk of a great big tree
It holds the leaves together, and one of those leaves is me
My mom was born in Virginia, Texas is where my dad got his start
I was born in California, but I’m a Texas boy at heart
My favorite place is San Antonio, I inhale its cool, crisp air
It’s like oxygen to my lungs, because my grandparents live there

Our family goes to church, Sunday is a special day
At night before I go to sleep, I bow my head and pray
My mom had surgery so we needed a bunch of faith
Luckily God listened, because now she’s doing OK
God is compared to nothing, there is nothing on this earth
He’s better than everything and has been there since my birth

We have friends all over the world, from one sea to land and to another sea
They do good things all over the world, that’s like sweet honey from a bee
One of our friends moved to Thailand, he’s a lawyer whose name is Troy
He helped us sponsor a family - a dad, a mom and their little boy
They don’t have any money, barely enough to eat
I’ve talked to him on SKYPE, but I hope one day we can meet