17. Jhoana F.'s Heritage Poem

My Heritage
Jhoana F.

My family is from the Philippines,
A place that’s hot and humid,
My ancestors are from many races,
Our most spoken languages are Tagalog and English,
Sometimes my parents speak Aklanon, a dialect,
Philippines is a lovely place,
But the thing we most hate is the blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Here are some traditions that Filipinos are fond of:
New Years Day, Ati-Atihan (a feast honoring Infant Jesus),
Fiestas, birthdays and the most joyous of all Christmas,
My family is Catholic,
We believe in Jesus Christ and also believe in the Lord God.

My mom was born in Malinao and my dad was born in Numancia,
Both in the province of Aklan,
My brother and I were born in the same place,
A place we call Saipan.
Well, I hope you liked my poem,
And that you learned about my heritage,
But I have one thing to say to you,