02. Kiera S.'s Two Heritage Poems

Kiera wrote two poems: "Dear Kiera" & "Into the Light" (scroll down to see both) 

Dear Kiera
Kiera S. (to a grandfather who never got to see me develop in life)
Dear Kiera,

What will I do without you and your mother?  I look over you tempted to ask, “How are you?” but my lips are shut.  I see similar things, traces that have been passed down to you from the eldest of the family.  I dream of spoiling the secret but I must let you fid out on your own.  Knowledge has been carried out to me about the future that will lie ahead.  But I know you will not understand.  I wonder if I could walk on earth’s surface one more time, but I remember time for me has been accomplished.  I wish life could give me a second chance, but such is life.

Love, Grandpa

Into the Light . . .
Kiera S. (in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.)

Child, listen for I have a story to tell.
I have lived in a land full of pain and tears.
Many lived hiding in shadows.
None would speak to the man in white.
Only one answered the call from the heavens.
He marched with honor and spoke with power.
He promised us Negros that we would be recognized as one.
Our family followed every step he made,
mindful of the dangers that lay ahead.
We thank God that he gave us a king,
to enlighten the land we called home.
Child, don’t be embarrassed to say where you come from.
Instead embrace it, for you came from a family
that emerged from the darkness and into the florescent light.
Our family is a miracle.