15. Sophie S.'s Heritage Poem

Spanish Heritage
Sophie S.

My family comes from Barcelona, Spain
What I love about Spanish culture is:

The passion for their favorite sport Soccer
I’ll always remember the day they won the World Cup
The room exploded with excitement

The Beautiful Flamenco dresses and how the dancers dance
I love to be in a dress just like the ones they wear
Hair slicked back in a bun, a beautiful red flower in their hair
Castanets in their hands and polka dotted shoes on their feet

Kids in Spain get excited about Three Kings Day
While here in America kids get excited about Christmas
Since I’m mixed with Spanish and American I get excited about both
Our tradition is to come together on Christmas Eve, eat, and play dominos
And open presents at midnight.  We also get a present on Three Kings Day
And eat Rosco, which looks like a donut cake.

I love to visit Spain and walk around Barcelona
We travel by foot, by bus, by metro and by train
It is so easy to get around Spain