11. Zoe R.s Heritage Poem

My Heritage
Zoe R.

Festivals, get togethers, family, friends
everyone’s together until the end
Tagalog and English are the languages I speak
love, hope, laughter, and praise are the things I breathe and eat
although the Philippines and Africa are the places that I’m from
Pasadena, Altadena, and Burbank won my home
Warmth fills my heart when I see those friendly faces
love is family, family is me and I know I’m a part of a great family tree
I have greats, grands, uncles, and aunts, parents, and brothers, cousins too
love, hope, laughter, and praise are the content that my family makes
who knew what family can do
Although everyone calls me unsimilar things, it all means the same thing
Family forever, different people always stay and love each other